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100 Years of Wonder!

100 Years of Wonder!

Grab your Minnie ears and your Disney apparel and lets celebrate 100 years of wonder! 

I think we’ve been truly spoilt with the Disney 100th collection and it just keeps on coming! The Walt Disney company was founded on October 16th, 1923 so the 100th anniversary is a huge milestone. If you have visited the parks you would’ve seen that Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder Celebration spans across the globe with new decorations, parades, food, character meets and merchandise. You don’t have to travel to a Disney destination to experience the amazing merchandise being released for the anniversary.  








My dream for the 100th anniversary was to return to Walt’s original park, Disneyland! It was just as magical as I imagined. This park is definitely the most special and you can feel that when you walk down Main Street and I think it’s because it’s the original and Walt had so much to do with it. A lot has happened in a 100 years of Disney and the park definitely tried to showcase that with the characters, entertainment and merchandise. However you don’t have to go the parks to celebrate the 100th anniversary. The most special part of Disney is that it can be celebrated anywhere so rewatch the classics, cook some Disney snacks and shop the merch from your sofa. I like to celebrate and feel the nostalgia by creating cute outfits inspired by my favourite Disney movies and characters. 

Loungefly have really upped their game with the anniversary collection and THIS collection is my absolute favourite. The retro designs…!... colours bag styles and not to mention there is now stationary and bag charms to match!! The new D100 tote was my favourite from the collection. The style itself is so different to anything they have created and I think this style goes so much further than a park bag. It’s perfect for work, shopping, school, airport, beach and any day out due to the size and the versatility in the way you can use it. 

I am very much a ‘crossbody’ bag type of person so this tote is perfect for me but you can also hold this bag as a tote or wear it as a backpack. It fits a laptop, textbooks, lunchbox, water bottle, purse and a phone in and moreits like a ‘Mary Poppins’ bag There are so many details on the bag including Mickey’s glove bag charm, the shimmering aesthetic, the all-over-print pattern and the corduroy! 

There have been a few other totes released in this collection so this style may be something that continues to develop in the future and I look forward to what other designs are coming our way! 

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