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Disney Bounding – What’s not to love?!

Disney Bounding – What’s not to love?!

People always ask, do you wear typical holiday attire or do you prefer to dress in fabulous Disney merch? For me, its all about the Disney styling! I love the creative challenge of putting together my Disney park outfits to showcase each and every character we all know and love! If I can do it, you can too!

I’ve bounded as many characters to the parks over the years and my most recent was a Donald Duck bound. From Ears to Outfit to Loungefly, I was channelling Donald himself. 

Disney Bounding can vary from one person to the next but I would say the main aspect is when you take inspiration from a particular Disney character to help style or create your outfit. This could be from the specific colours, patterns, themes, anything that relates to the character! Think of it as like cosplay, but not exact costume replicas, allows for personal styles and much more cost-effective version!

I usually start off with the colours I want to style, and then begin searching for the items of clothing that I think will look good together. I simplify it and say okay, I want to wear white and blue with a red bow in Donald’s case. One of the beauties about Disney Bounding is it can be completely your own style. Don’t like wearing trousers? No problem, adapt your outfit to incorporate a skirt instead! (Or in Donald’s case, any bottoms at all!)

One thing that is a MUST for my outfit is that it HAS TO include ears and of course, a Loungefly. I mean, did we actually go to Disney if we didn’t try and take 12 Loungeflys with us in 23kg weight allowance?!

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know a lot of people say that the Disney community is a great place to be. I received so many compliments for my Donald Bound in Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World. It was a great feeling when a cast member pointed out the smallest details in my outfit, like the ‘Daisy’ necklace or when someone asks me where I got my Loungefly as it is unique. One kind man actually joked with me, pretending I worked at Walt Disney World due to how I was dressed (I know right, the dream!). A lot of creativity and thought goes into Disney Bounding, so these compliments go such a long way. Don't hesitate to compliment anyone on their outfit especially at the Parks!

Mickey and Goofy were impressed with my bound and of course, the main person I wanted to impress was Donald himself. When I say he was happy… what an understatement that is! We hugged (A LOT), chatted, spun around, and danced. He made such a fuss, and my smile says it all.

So, this is your friendly reminder to wear whatever you want in the parks and to pack the multiple Loungeflys as they are SO worth it! Like I said earlier, the Disney community I find to be welcoming and supportive, so here’s hoping that this provides a little boost of confidence to anyone who needs it! After all, as Rapunzel once said: “venture outside your comfort zone, the rewards are worth it”!

Mel xx

IG @magicallymelx

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