Dive into the Magical World of Christmas Loungefly

Dive into the Magical World of Christmas Loungefly

The Christmas Count down is ON and we are here to spread the festive joy!

One delightful way to celebrate this festive season is by indulging in the enchanting world of Christmas-themed Loungefly merchandise. Our range of Loungefly Christmas-themed backpacks and bags perfectly capture the essence of this magical time of the year. 

Christmas Loungefly embraces the festive season by infusing iconic holiday elements into their product designs. Whether it's designs inspired by beloved Christmas movies, characters, or traditional symbols, these accessories capture the joyful spirit of the holiday season. From vibrant colours to intricate details, Christmas Loungefly items serve as the perfect statement pieces to bring holiday cheer wherever you go. These accessories are both decorative and functional, making them great for carrying essentials during holiday outings or even to add a festive touch to your everyday style.

Lets have a look at some of our staffs top choices!

1. Mickey and Friends Gingerbread Cookie AOP Ear Holder Mini Backpack - (📷 @imaginedisneyemma)

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with the Sensational Six! We think they are so adorable depicted as gingerbread cookies and it even looks like their clothing has been iced on! Makes us hungry for biscuits, we had to go and order some! It gets even better, to complete your 0outfit, it includes matching ears featuring Mickey and Minnie! 

2. Mickey and Friends Gingerbread Cookie Figural Crossbody - (📷 @itseddiestyle)

One of our team prefers crossbodys to backpacks and have chosen this Cookie Crossbody as their favourite yuletide accessory holder! It is reversible, with Mickey one one side and Minnie on the other, both shaped as the most delightful cookies! Our favourite features are the 3D embroidered bows. - green for Mickey and pink for Minnie!

3. Minnie Mouse Silver Sequin - (📷 @pixiedustoxox)

Sequins is one style that all of our team love (and collect 😂 🤦) and the beauty of them is they can be used all year round to add an extra sparkle to your outfit! We chose this silver sequin as its a colour that is often used for Christmas decorations but with it sparkling silver sequins, it will add a touch of festive glamour to any outfit, whether shopping for gifts or attending a holiday party!

4. Up House Holiday Lights Mini Backpack -  (📷 @magical_helen_uk)

We had to feature our favourite couple Carl and Eliie with this heart warming bag depicting a special holiday moment as they build a snowman to the background of their house, endorned in Christmas decorations. Our favourite features of this, is the light up of the holiday lights on the house and the sweetest scene on the back of Carl and Ellie making snow angels, while looking at each adoringly. This is the perfect nod to their love story during this joy filled season.

Discovering the world of Christmas Loungefly is like stepping into a winter wonderland filled with unique and enchanting accessories. With their attention to detail, beautiful designs, and collaborations with beloved franchises, Loungefly has successfully captured the spirit of Christmas in their products. Whether you're seeking a special gift for a loved one or want to embrace the holiday season in style, Christmas Loungefly is sure to add a touch of magic and festive cheer to your life.

Have a fabulous festive fun filled Christmas and we hope you have one or two Loungefly under the tree!

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