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Once Upon A Wardrobe

Once Upon A Wardrobe

I don’t think it will surprise anyone that follows me on Instagram that I love creating outfits for the Disney Parks. One of my favourite things about having a Disney countdown is planning outfits especially when it comes to character meets and greets and coordinating with Disney Resorts or Park areas. It also allows you to bring your favourite childhood films and memories to life. In all honesty, the biggest thing it does for me; is that it gives me a huge buzz. Its like my therapy! 

I style my Disney wardrobe usually based on the colour and theming of signature pieces, whether it be a t-shirt or a bag. Not every part of the outfit has to be Disney and I actually prefer outfits that are subtly Disney themed, although my flatlays might not always represent this!  

My favourite way to style Disney pieces is to use a Disney tee with coloured shorts – highlighting the main colour from the tee. I think this changes the depth of the outfit over wearing everything with just blue denim. The cheapest and easiest place to find coloured shorts or skirts is Vinted! If you’re worried about the heat, buying oversized tees are perfect for this with matching coloured cycling shorts. This definitely seems to be a trend at the moment. 

When it comes to the parks, you definitely need to go festive and have at least one Disney accessory. When in the parks, I notice that this is mostly Loungefly bags but it can be ears, footwear or a dress. I alternate between comfy/casual and dressing up. It really depends on what my plan is for the day and what the weather is going to be like. 

When you are going to average 20-30,000 steps per day in the parks it is important you wear comfortable shoes. I find that wearing Converse with a thick heel or platform work well or when its hotter, I prefer sandals with a wedge. I sometimes add in matching socks with both styles. Both work well with dresses and if you’re worried about the heat; wearing cycling shorts underneath the dress helps. 

I think its so easy to get carried away with buying Disney pieces and I am VERY guilty of this. Nowadays I try very hard to only buy Disney pieces that I know are versatile and can be worn in different ways. That’s why I love the new Loungefly hoodies because if you size up you can still wear them as a hoodie with jeans or shorts but you can also wear them as a dress with cycling shorts underneath. The latter is perfect for cool nights at the parks. 

At the end of the day- its about wearing what you’re comfortable and confident in whether you head to toe in Disney mechanise or you’re just wearing a Disney belt buckle! 

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