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Our Princess Picks

Our Princess Picks

Give us a royal wave and join us in celebrating National Princess Week with our Top 5 princess inspired Loungefly from the last 12 months. For us, this isn't just limited to characters with the title Princess but strong female characters that have inspired and been positive role models throughout our childhood and continue to, to this day!

5.The Princess and the Frog Tiana Lenticular Mini Backpack 

We love the Princess Lenticular series and cant wait for the rest but from the ones so far, we have chosen Princess Tiana one as a favourite. The vibrant colours, attention to detail, and high-quality materials make it a standout accessory that perfectly captures the spirit of the movie and Tiana's journey. The lenticular adds an element of magic and fun but the two scenes chosen are important to us. One with Tiana and Naveen showing she did get her prince but this is contrast with the other scene of Tiana working as a waitress. For us, it is a reminder of the uplifting themes of determination, hard work, and dreams coming true.

📷 @addictied_to_loungefly

4. Brave Merida Princess Scene Mini Backpack

Though there are several Brave designs, we have chosen this one as we think it celebrates the film Brave in many ways. Around the bag, each scene depicted beautifully captures the adventurous and courageous spirit of the character Merida. The front scenes show that family is important to Merida - her parents and her brothers(as the playful bears they transform into) to the pocket scene which is the pivotal moment in the film that Merida starts her journey of following her own path. This design celebrates the Princess who isn't looking for true love with a Prince but discovers that one of the most important loves in her life is with her Mother. 

3.Disney Princess Cameo Crossbody

 We love the whole set of this collection with its vintage style with the beautiful cameo portraits of various Disney Princesses, but the crossbody in particular stands out for us as this is one we all could imagine wearing in different occasions. Whether it is to a wedding or lunch with friends, the compact size and crossbody style make it practical for everyday use that would make any of us feel glamorous and stylish.


2. Tangled Rapunzel with Gold Frame Exclusive 

Its no secret that our favourite colour is purple and combined with one of our favourite princess Rapunzel, this had to be on our list. This design captures the fun and adventurous spirit of Rapunzel as she swings across the frame on her golden hair, with her true home and the lanterns in the background. The gold frame made from the flower that saved her mum but took Rapunzel away from her family is a stunning gold foil that brings the whole design together. It is unlike any other Rapunzel design and one of our all time favourites.

 📷 @loungeflyfanatickez

1. Disney Princess Manga Style Set

We couldn't just choice on from this set, we love all of it equally! From the manga style art work to the colour pallette, this design is so unlike any other Disney Princess loungefly! Loungefly pay homage to the original five princesses with this unique and modern interpretation of classic Disney characters.The colours are vibrant and each princess stands out on all three items of this set. We love the subtle nod to the films with the icons around the design from the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast to the glass slipper that Cinderella leaves at the palace. There is something Sailor Moon about this style which we think will appeal to a whole new generation of fans!

What is your favourite Disney Princess inspire Loungefly designs? Do you own them or are they on your ISO list?

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."


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