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Unboxing My Loungefly Journey

Unboxing My Loungefly Journey

Loungefly is not just about backpacks and accessories to match your outfit. It’s is so much more than that. Loungefly is unlike any other brands out there!

For me, it is a community where you can be yourself, share who you are with like minded people and build friendships over your Love of Loungefly. 

In 2020, during covid, I discovered Loungefly and I have never looked back. I really got to know the brand and became obsessed. These little backpacks I had delivered literally filled me with joy every time the postman knocked the door.  The longer time went on I discovered more and more designs. I could find something for every fandom I loved. As it was covid a lot of my time was spent online. I got talking to so many people about what bags we loved what we were looking to add to our collections. Loungefly introduced me to new people and three years on I still chat to these people every day. Lockdown was lonely and no one knew how to get through it but chatting everyday to my new friends certainly helped. 

I have the most incredible designs in my collection thanks to more and more designs coming to Europe at official stockists. At first, many of the designs I loved were only released in America. In the last few years this has changed which means lots of my grails have come to Europe! I’ve been lucky enough to purchase so many of them, which I thought wasn’t possible before. Although I’m not sure my bank account or hubby are as glad about this as me! 

In 2020 I discovered the Boba Fett Cosplay backpack but there was very few available and those that were, were well over retail. I love the cosplay style of the backpack and Boba Fett is one of my favourite Star Wars characters. It became a massive need for me and when it arrived I couldn’t believe I finally had my grail! I took it out the box quicker than a child unboxing on Christmas morning. It’s my now go to everyday bag.  

My collection has changed so much over the years. I loved hunting for backpacks during covid that weren’t readily available then I started to swap them for the ones I loved. I had mainly Disney parks and all over print bags and very little cosplay ones. As we came out of lockdown and more designs became available my collection really changed. I expanded my collection to different fandoms like Marvel, Toy Story, and Star Wars. I also completed my castle collection, increased my sequins and now I have a seasonal section. Literally something for everyday no matter what time of year or where I am going.  With Loungefly you can change up your collection at any time by trading or selling to add something new. This also adds excitement of collecting as you can completely change your collection to suit you.

I collect what I love and have a wide variation of designs. I collect Star Wars, Cosplay, Sequins, AOP, Stitch Shoppe and those all important Castle backpacks.

In 2020 I managed to get one of the original castle backpacks, Cinderella. I fell in love immediately and knew I had to find the matching Sleeping Beauty castle backpack. 

When I think of Disney Parks, I think of the castle on main street which fills me with happiness. I am so excited to get back to Disneyland this year but I’ll have a tough decision on my hands trying to decide what castle backpack to take. Once I had completed my castle collection I then decided to get the matching pops. I love matching pops to my backpacks, it makes for great displays. What I love most about Loungefly is there is literally something for everyone no matter what you are into or where you are going.  Sparkly, plain, crossbody, backpack, rucksack, Marvel, Disney, Television shows, matching bag for the movies or your favourite character the list goes on….  

My Disneyland Paris trip is September this year. I am taking my daughter as surprise for her 8th Birthday. My daughter and I share a massive bond of Disney. She loves having a Disney mum and especially loves it when Disney merchandise regularly arrives. We both love Loungefly but have different styles in what we use. Loungefly definitely doesn’t have an age limit. I’m 38 and my daughter is 7 and its something we enjoy together. When we are out she loves to shout mummy “Look a Loungefly!!”. 

The Loungefly community is a massive part of my daily life. I chat to people I have never met and we share our love of Loungefly, Disney and other interests. We even help each other out with exclusive bag drops as you need to be ready. I feel the community has allowed me to be myself without worrying what other people think. 

Before lockdown I would never have been so vocal about my interests and loves but now I am who I am and I won’t change for anyone. 

- Sarah

IG @addicted_to_loungefly

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  • I love the castle Loungefly collection you have and that photo with the matching pops makes me want to collect them all lol even though I wasn’t bothered before 🤣

    - Emma

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